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Need An Alternative Publisher?

Dear Author
Thank you for contacting us we value your enquiry.

Send your novel or selection of short stories for consideration plus our readerís fee of £9.75.
For this you will receive a critique plus two of our latest authorís books and have the opportunity of being published with us. Please choose two books from our latest catalogue or send a Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope for further lists. You will then see the quality of our books and have some idea of the style of writing we are looking for. Our authors then receive the royalties they deserve. This could be you!

If you are serious about having your book published buy books from us and weíll help you with yours, thatís fair isnít it? We read all tales carefully and thatís a promise! We give a professional assessment of your work and where necessary help you improve the style and substance.

Do not send unrequested tales until you receive your books. We will accept Novels or collections of Short Stories on any subject Fact or Fiction; including any unique ideas. Do send a Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope for the return of your work.

We are a long-established friendly helpful family publisher. Our aim is to work with new and published authors to produce original saleable books.

Be assured any works submitted by you will receive our professional consideration.

Neil Miller editor

We have over 250000 readers worldwide!

We are conducting a survey could you tell us where you saw our advert please?