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Daisy Hill
by Robert Jennings-McCormick

School Glorious School
by Frank Bennion



My Unforgotten Years
by A. R. Stephenson



Child evacuees flee the German invasion.

‘I wrote my first story in 1996 at a local writer’s group.
I am delighted to have my first book published.’

A collection of stories of school life in the fifties and sixties.
Whacking, detention, schoolboy pranks !
A fast moving war story with true characters.
An Interesting, Humorous and Factual account of a Submarine Crew at War.  A story of a submariner’s adventures on board and on shore. Told by A. R. Stephenson from a Boy Seaman 2nd Class, to a Petty Officer 2nd Coxswain.  War torn Europe 1939-1945.
ISBN 1904177131 ISBN 904177 15 8 ISBN 1 90417714X