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Only 6.75 !
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by Miggy J Noble

ISBN 978 1 904 17709 8

A Fantasy Tale for 8-14 year olds.
An intriguing adventure as the young Fynn moves from a believable world. A captivating tale of hope, friendship and survival inside the ancient lands
of the Eyehctaw.


Miggy J Noble and Jimmy


   I left school at the age of 15 years and started work with no real qualifications. However, at the age of 23 with my husband I ran a business for 27 years. Then the business went under, which resulted in the loss of our home. At 50 years of age I was unemployed and on the dole. I felt a useless failure. This was a dark time. To divert my mind I decided to teach myself how to write stories, where I could hide in a world of fiction. So, armed with a Charles Dickens Anthology and the Oxford Dictionary I began. During the first years, I had rejection after rejection. Then I started to have a few poems published. Now my world of fiction is a reality as 13 years on my first novel is in print.