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Our latest author Anthony B. Yeates has written a blockbuster of a novel.


Only 7.75 !
Out now ! 

by Anthony B. Yeates

ISBN 978 1 904177180

Love and deceit in war torn Britain. A tale of a squadron fighting for their lives and ours.

Scanlon, returning to operations with a new squadron after being expelled from a previous one for cowardice, finds that skippering Q-Queenie, the oldest serving aircraft in the squadron has its problems. As if that isn’t bad enough, there’s the makeshift crew to contend with as well.
Seven men caught up in the throes of war to take Queenie into the Cauldron of fear, death and destruction.
Seven men from varying backgrounds each with a story to tell and the women they left behind


Anthony B. Yeates


   The life of Anthony B. Yeates has been a challenging one by becoming the first officially recognised cycle speedway individual champion of Oxfordshire in 1951 for starters, then motorbike scrambling, a motorbike stuntman, and even a couple of years being thrown round the ring as a professional wrestler. The less hazardous challenge of writing has produced CAULDRON his first novel. He lives in semi-retirement in a small Oxfordshire town.