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Spider's Web
by J E Ladds

Spider's Web
ISBN 978 1 904177 19 7

On the brink of financial disaster through no fault of her own, Elizabeth takes a position as secretary companion to an elderly lady living in the heart of the countryside. She soon discovers there is a mystery surrounding the once famous writer who lived there years ago.

If she thought she had problems before, they were to turn out to be nothing compared to what she was in for now. She gets the uncanny feeling she is not alone in her bedroom. Was someone else sharing her room? Even worse was someone else sharing her bed..?



Joan Ladds


Joan lives in a small village in Leicestershire. She enjoys writing, listening to music and playing the piano. In her spare time she is a keen gardener and loves walking in the countryside.

This is her first novel with Millerís Publications and is an excellent fast moving read.
We are sure you will have as much fun reading it as Joan did writing it.