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Two Moons of Earth
by Norman Couse

Two Moons of Earh
ISBN 978 1 904177 203

This is the story of John, an average man in an average town, somewhere in England, but the events that unfold, just happened to happen to John, who is cursed with the knowledge that there is more to life. Knowledge for some is a blessing, but for others, with no hope of change, stuck in a meaningless existence, it’s a curse. After all, ignorance is bliss… isn’t it?
Until one winter’s morning, he wakes up for another early morning shift. Thinking he’s late, he rushes down stairs and out the door, but this is where his adventure begins. For instead of stepping out into a cold winter’s morning, he finds himself waking to the sun beating down hard on his back. He is in the middle of a desert, how he got there, he has no idea, and where he is, is the biggest mystery of all. Which will take him on an adventure, across strange lands and place, seeing even stranger animals, and making friends with people and creatures, he couldn’t have imagined. Some of which would travel with him, showing and sharing some of the wonders along the way, in these strange yet sometimes dark and marvelous lands, as he searches for answers.



Norman Couse


I live in Cumbria where I was born 40 years ago. As yet I’ve never really left the area much with its rolling hills, many lakes and miles of coastline. I’m also a keen biker with a love of wildlife and nature.
I love to write and escape the often mundane reality of life through the characters in my book and one day I hope to travel the world with my wife Elaine, without whose help and support this book would not have been possible.