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Neighbourhood Watch
by Lex Sinclair

Neighbourhood Watch
ISBN 978 1 904177 227

Joe Camber is a retired middleweight United Kingdom champion and a former WBC champion. After his divorce, Joe purchases a modern red-brick semi-detached house on Willet Close on the outskirts of the town centre. He likes where he lives, regardless of it being modest for a rich and famous person.
But when his decent, down-to-earth neighbours start to go missing without trace or forewarning, Joe grows suspicious as to their whereabouts. He decides to stake out in his attic watching the cul-de-sac street intently, all day and night.
At first the unexplainable events are considered to be nothing more than intruders playing a malevolent game on them. Then Joe sees the group of faceless, hooded figures, dressed in black one-piece outfits, lurking on their peaceful street in the dead of night – and his blood turns to ice.
But that’s not their main concern compared to the thing with the goat’s head, resurrecting the dead to do its evil deeds on the unholy ground Joe and his neighbours are living on.
One by one good people lose their lives, until the remaining survivors take it upon themselves to confront the thing with the goat’s head and the Acolytes of Doom (the hooded figures, doing the work of the demon).
Is their bravery merely a suicide mission? Can they put a stop to this atrocity, where the authorities have failed? Or will the thing with the goat’s head reign supreme?



Lex Sinclair


Lex Sinclair was born in South Wales in 1983. He is the author of more than twenty short stories and eight novels including, The Slime; Nobody Goes There; The Frozen Man; Killer Spiders; and Abducted. His short story The Die is Cast was runner-up in the Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award 2010. His poem The Scarecrow appeared in Chevel 4 in 2011. He has had poems published in the South Wales Evening Post.